Who are we

Internal and external services

Our company was launched two years ago, at our headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey, and our branches extend to the UAE, Bahrain and Palestine. We are an indoor and outdoor service company...

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Chairmans speech

Noor Wajih Madlag

Taking into account all the changes that occurred in the business environment today, and since the world has become at an accelerated pace, and is based on continuous development and...

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Our services

Eleven Stars premium services

ELEVEN STARS GROUP offers you a package of multi services in : Sports ..medical tourism ... real estates and international commerce. This and out group works on quality and excellence in all services and to be in the best conditions for our clients



We can define sport as a physical effort or skill that is practiced according to agreed rules with the aim of entertainment, competition, distinction, or enhancing self-confidence, and with different goals and the way to do it, each sport is given a different name.



Turkey, in all its states, especially the tourist destination, is a favorite destination for millions of tourists annually coming from all over the world in order to visit its historical and natural attractions. Turkish tourism is divided into several types that differ according to the purpose of visiting Turkey.


Real Estate

Starting from the capital, Istanbul, our company provides you with the best real estate services, including the sale and purchase of real estate throughout Turkey, and through usYou can get the right property with the best available options, as our company has strong working relations and partnership with the major construction companies in Turkey, and our company also works in accordance with Turkish laws and regulations for regulating buying and selling in the Turkish real estate market, our list is large and huge of real estate projects all over Turkish states, and all those who chose real estate investment through us had a promising share in achieving the best investment returns.



As a country characterized by a strategic and important geographical location that enables it to play a large and growing role in the global economy and trade system, and as a country that ranks sixteenth in the world economically, and it is currently the sixth largest economy in Europe. Turkey is also a market characterized by high growth in front of many investments and businesses, the export Import is the main driving sector of Turkey's economy and trade.


Medical Tourism

Our services in medical tourism in Turkey:Our company provides you with the opportunity to access high-quality and high-level medical personnel, and we also guarantee the client the necessary ingredients to provide distinguished health care and accommodation for the length of the period in which he will be present for treatment.



Programming, development and maintenance: websites, mobile applications, desktop applications, e-marketing, creating advertising designs and designs, website translation, chatbots, marketing consulting, motion and animation videos, voiceover (audios) and others...

Our clients

In partnership with some local and international companies