Noor Wajih Madlag

Taking into account all the changes that occurred in the business environment today, and since the world has become at an accelerated pace, and is based on continuous development and change, we are aware of the methods and strategies to keep pace with this development and keep pace with modernity while preserving the foundations and tastes, this is what we adopt in all services Which we offer to our customers, whether it is in the fields of sports, medical tourism and tourism in general, the field of real estate, import and export, general trade, the creation and furnishing of websites, registration and provision of advisory services for students wishing to enroll in Turkish universities and institutes, and many other services provided by our company.

Continuously checking the organization's performance and position and identifying all the key areas that require changes or adjustments is a periodic hunt for us. We always try to outperform traditional approaches in all of our work and engage in everything we do in the midst of legitimate competition. We do not stop at opening up to new economic markets.

Keeping up with the customer mentality is necessary to ensure continuity.

This is our mission and responsibility in ELEVEN STARS GROUP, which we seek to devote with courage, sincerity, confidence and steadfastness.

With humility and sincerity

Chairman of Board of Directors

Mr. Noor Wajih Madlag