Real Estate

In a country where real estate occupies the first place and most of its parts are considered a great place for investment, as there are many foreign clients who show great interest from all over the world, in Turkish real estate markets, especially Arab investors.The services of our company, Eleven stars, supervise the management and supervision of real estate projects, present the idea and economic feasibility studies for proposals and investment projects through the Department of Studies and Real Estate Development Research, and then market the project and achieve the largest percentage of sales.At Eleven stars, we also guide foreign investors and developers to places that witness real estate growth and prosperity in internal demand through the best real estate projects in Turkey, not to mention finding suitable land opportunities for projects that developers are considering building their projects on.


Our company, Eleven stars, puts at your disposal an expert advisory team with the best real estate opportunities available in Turkey, whether for the purpose of living or investing, real estate opportunities at reasonable prices with the possibility of installments with free pre- and post-purchase services, our company Eleven stars guarantees you the safety of all legal procedures to buy your property in Turkey, and its experts inform you about everything related to real estate property fees and taxes in Turkey, the conditions for buying a property in Turkey by installments in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, issuing an insurance policy against earthquakes and natural disasters and other distinguished services that we accompany you with since the start of the purchase process until receiving your key .

Buy real estate

The role of our company, Eleven stars, regarding the purchase of real estate in Turkey, is to fully manage the process of selling your property.

Through our Eleven stars company, you can make your property in Turkey in the eyes of the next person to buy better and more features than if you sold the property to him alone.

Without relying on us, because we have imaging experts and advanced modern machines that make your property in Turkey more beautiful and prominent, and this is the method that takes pictures of real estate and sends it to those interested in buying a property similar to the one you have.

Our company, Eleven stars, also acquires the necessary legal expertise for the process of selling your real estate, as it works in this field in the long term, so the experience was its ally in this regard, in terms of its knowledge of the details and official laws that must be followed during the process of buying real estate in Turkey so that it becomes one hundred percent legal without prejudice to anything. Some of them may expose its owner to problems.

Our company, Eleven stars, also has special offers for purchase from the construction companies that deal with it, and thus it can present your property to its customers who want to buy real estate and apartments in Turkey.

Not only that, but our company provides you with a translation service when selling your real estate, a special translator from Eleven stars accompanies you when contracting with the buyer and explains to you the entire legal process in addition to a professional translation of the documents.

In short, our Eleven stars company saves you a lot of time that you do not have as an investor and provides you with your request in the shortest and easiest way.


Our company, Eleven stars, is concerned with the construction of projects and residential complexes. First, we choose the sites that will be built on, and then select the engineers and supervisors for that. After that, we prepare the mechanisms and materials for construction, after which the construction begins through the labor force, and finally the completion of the arrangements. and finish the project.

Our company, Eleven stars, is always keeping pace with the construction sector to keep pace with the economic trends and the needs of the population.

What distinguishes Eleven stars from other construction companies?

* No real estate will be sold before all housing licenses and approvals are completed.

* Eleven stars sign all sales contracts exclusively in the presence of an official from the notary public.

* Upon completion of the construction of projects immediately, the procedures for issuing the title deed “Tapu” are carried out.

* The company is known for its commitment to delivering projects at predetermined times.

* Eleven stars allows its customers to purchase in comfortable long-term installments.

* Periodic follow-up of projects on an annual basis.

Partnerships with companies and real estate projects in all of Turkey