Website design and development

Considering that your application or website is the primary point of contact with your customers, you are undoubtedly aware of its value and importance, we give you the opportunity to stand out by giving your customers an unforgettable first impression and give you a different style from your competitors with all the features that your site needs,

Through us, you can achieve your marketing goals and position yourself in the Internet world in a competitive manner.

Through a professional and specialized team, not to mention the availability of the latest technologies, we design and develop websites and applications with high quality specifications, easy to use and responsive, and compatible with the latest programming languages.

We will provide you with a survey for the site you wish to implement:

We do this by collecting and analyzing the data of your application or website to create a customized project design based on results and increase native traffic, where our team performs usability analysis, evaluates the consistency and accuracy of your project content, and checks the technical implementation of your website or application and different browsers We direct your project in particular to attract your customers, then we produce the project in the form of a combination of shapes, lines and colors that you liked in the sites that you viewed.


Application design and development

✓ Mobile apps are one of the most powerful marketing methods used by companies today. The application in its general form is a program that remains on the user’s device 24 hours a day, so having an application for your products and services provides you with a golden opportunity for the user to keep seeing it whenever he uses his smart phone.

✓ You may be surprised if you know that in our Arab countries alone, access to the Internet through smart phones represents more than 40% of the total income. Also, 41% of online purchases are made using smartphones and mobile applications. In the coming years, it is expected that the total expenditure on marketing operations through smart phones alone in the Middle East will reach $2.8 billion.

✓ It is known that the different operating systems on the mobile phone vary between Android, IOS and Windows Phone, and each of them has its own applications and its independent online store, which is the largest platform for launching applications of this type of operating system. For example, on IOS, there is the Apple Store, on Android, there is Google Play, and so on. Before entering the world of smart phone applications, you should determine the most important platforms on which you will launch your company's application. It follows from this the programming method of the application to be compatible with different operating systems. And here comes the role of Eleven Stars in guiding your path towards success in your site and its applications.

✓ The Eleven stars team works according to the standard criteria for designing mobile applications, which is what made us provide reliable applications that are characterized by quality and good price.


Maintenance of websites and applications

✓ We offer different maintenance packages depending on the scope of work. If you already have a website or app and don't have the skills or time required to maintain the site or app yourself, we can do the maintenance of your site or app for you.

✓ We guarantee you the maintenance of your website and ensure its smooth functioning and keeping up with the latest technical technology. This applies to all business websites, e-commerce websites, blogs, social networking sites, non-profit sites, web applications, home pages...

✓ We will keep you up to date with all the new features that apply to your site or application and update the site or application when necessary, we will also modify your website with new products, images, graphics and texts so that your site or application is always up to date with new and trendy styles that will help you get More clients and gain more business.

✓ This service includes updating content, updating products, and technical updating. Do not hesitate to maintain your investment and ensure its continuity and good performance with us.


(SEO)Search Engine Optimization

At Eleven stars, our team follows an integrated methodology that combines content marketing, social networks, and influencer marketing

To achieve good results in search engine optimization and its ranking, we periodically audit the site, build links, keyword research, performance report, external SEO, internal SEO, technical SEO, Google penalty removal, content marketing, and getting rid of malicious links.

Not to mention our expertise in finding the perfect match between Google's guidelines and what's right for you business We have progressive theories about search as a customer retention tool.

We also follow the following steps:-

✔ Site engineering

✔ Ranking reports

✔ Modern coding

✔ Optimized loading time

✔ Compatibility with mobile devices

✔ Keyword research and content optimization


Design images and logos

Eleven stars brings to your hands the long experience of its team in designing your company's logo, which generally enhances the brand's message

Your business and acts as a strong symbol to show and differentiate it from competitors.

Trust that we will strive to satisfy you by providing innovative solutions suitable for your business and commercial activity, at competitive prices that save you budget, time and effort with high quality and record speed.

What we offer you:

1- Designing a complete identity for large, small and emerging companies

2- Design a logo according to the specifications you desire

3- Design images for T-shirts according to the platform on which you work

4- Editing and modifying images as required

5- Designing images for your advertising campaigns on any communication platform or website


Translating websites into other languages

Translating your website allows you to reach new customers globally. 

Our website translation services include: Translate entire website and documents SEO compatible documents in multiple languages. With us, you can open a window for your

company to the whole world, so do not hesitate to request this service.

What do we translate: 

✔ Major websites we translate 

✔ Translate corporate websites 

✔ Translate e-commerce sites 

✔ Translate software

 ✔ Translate private websites and news sites

 ✔ Translate blogs and forums


Motion graphics and animation

As a company that always strives to provide distinguished services to its customers, Eleven stars, we create motion graphics and animation videos, because it is the most suitable option in the field of video marketing, due to its ability to convey the required message in a short time and simplify difficult and abstract concepts. We start with you from the first stages and make fun of you in The service of offering you all the resources and capabilities, and whether you want marketing and advertising, or your purpose through the video is to provide explanations and design explanatory videos, the result will definitely be satisfactory.

Because creating this type of video is a combination of drawing, graphics, direction, writing, voiceover, marketing and many other skills.


Voiceover services in all languages

In order to leave the imprint you want in everyone's minds, Eleven stars provides you with a voiceover service in all languages ​​and in all dialects with high quality, which enables you to build bridges of trust between you and your audience.

A true voice for us is the message that eloquently aligns with your brand, and aligns with the needs of each voiceover project, whether it is:

✔ documentaries,

✔ newsletters,

✔ e-learning courses and corporate training,

✔ animated movies,

✔ TV commercials and online ads available,

✔ TV shows, movies...

And other services, so we are ready to master all stages since preparing the text, translation and localization, recording, and even in the post-production stage, we will be present with you.


Chatbot services

The chatbot, which has become today one of the latest technologies of artificial intelligence on social media, through which you can talk to all customers in a programmed way through a robot that understands many languages ​​and answers them in its specific way and can benefit from it in many ways, so profits from the chatbot can be increased and can be benefited It is a chatbot in times of crisis, and this feature has many benefits, as it provides reports on products, provides answers to customer inquiries and questions, and through it it is also possible to contact a customer and thus achieve profits, we offer you this service with competitive prices and maximum privileges, so do not hesitate To take advantage of our...


Social networking services

Our company, Eleven stars, specializes in creating content for social networking sites, and our services include managing a large number of social networking pages such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Setting agendas and publishing strategies, and planning integrated advertising campaigns for marketing through social media platforms

And guide followers to learn about services or products and interact with them to find out their opinions and respond to their inquiries.

We have an in-depth understanding of the strategies of these sites and are working on building integrated marketing plans that enhance the presence of your business through social media.


Content management for your website

In order to be able to highlight your products or display your services in a manner befitting what you offer, content management for your website has become today an absolute necessity that is important to master. Eleven stars helps you choose a complete content management system in an accurate manner that suits your company and the content you want to publish, and our service standards are based on Suitability of the system for your work, including:

content editorial management,

modify other files,

Adaptation of the content management system to search,

compatibility of the content management system for playback devices,

Maintain backups.

With us, it will be easy for you to understand what you need, use what suits you, and achieve seamless integration of the content management system with the content you work on.