Medical Tourism

ELEVEN STARS Medical Tourism Offers you a package of services in several fields: dental implants, hair transplantation, plastic surgery, medical and surgical interventions... and guarantees the programs and services of a very high level .

Medical tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism is Turkey's economic pillar, so we pay special attention to it, and given that there are millions of tourists who visit Turkey annually, a large number of them visit this country for hospitalization or treatment and for tourism and visiting tourist places at the same time, so we are keen that our services be Integrated in this field so that the tourist is comfortable and enjoying just as if he was in his own country, by providing high-quality treatments at very competitive prices، Our treatments include:

Dental implants and cosmetics

Dental implants are one of the most existing operations in the current era, as they are considered an integrated process that improves the shape of the teeth, so they look like natural teeth when they fuse with the bone.

This specialty includes the placement of artificial crowns or other dental appliances upon which implants may be installed to restore individual teeth or to support bridges, removable dentures, or fixed dentures.

Hair transplantation with all its techniques

Our hair transplantation service is distinguished by providing a safe, effective, and flawless path for affected patients. We promise you natural and continuous results, free from the common side effects or complications of this type of operation.

The most used techniques in the world of hair transplantation these days are: * Chip hair transplantation technique * FUE hair transplantation technique * Nano FUE exact picking technique * Sapphire hair transplantation technique * Direct hair transplantation with Choi pens * Robotic hair transplantation * Hair transplantation with stem cells

All kinds of plastic surgery

We rely heavily on providing highly advanced technologies and equipment to make a change or solve a problem that a person suffers from in his body.

We have non-surgical and surgical techniques. What is available is facelift, nose surgery, facelift surgeries, eyebrow lift operations, ear surgery, double chin operations, facial fillers and botox, forehead lift, laser facelift and threads.

surgeries in Turkey

Surgical operations in Turkey are safer and more effective and do not require major surgical intervention, due to the fact that Turkey has the most experienced doctors and the most advanced equipment and technologies.

Our services include all general and plastic surgeries, such as obesity surgery, heart surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, all of these specialties using microscopic, laparoscopic and robotic surgery techniques, in order to reduce the recovery period, speed up recovery and reduce the risk. Advanced technologies have helped us to perform an unlimited number of surgeries, which were * Pediatric surgery. Surgery for benign diseases. * Colon and rectal surgery. * Transplant surgery and tumor removal. * Gastrointestinal and endocrine surgeries.

Obesity treatment

Surgical treatment of obesity

Some consider surgery one of the fastest ways to treat obesity, and surgery can be considered the best treatment for severe obesity in which the BMI exceeds 40, and it can also be resorted to if the BMI ranges between 30-40 and the individual suffers from a chronic disease associated with obesity.

Also, the doctor can resort to surgical treatment of obesity if the other previously mentioned methods fail to treat the problem.

Surgical treatment of obesity includes one of the following types of surgeries:

* Gastric banding.

Stomach reduction surgery.

* Gastric bypass surgery, where a small pouch is made at the top of the stomach and connected directly to the small intestine, through which food and liquids will pass to reach the intestine without going through most of the stomach.

Obesity can also be treated endoscopically, where a balloon is placed inside the stomach to increase the feeling of satiety.

It should be noted that a healthy diet and exercise must be adhered to after the obesity treatment procedure, in order to increase the success rate of the operation and obtain satisfactory results.

Partnerships with specialized hospitals and clinics

Eleven Stars has worked to establish distinguished partnerships with the most important and largest hospitals, clinics and medical laboratories, to provide you with high-quality services to ensure your health and comfort, as each hospital specializes in a specific disease to provide focused and professional treatment to patients in outpatient clinics and residents inside the hospital.