Trade (general trade)

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What does general trading mean?

In the world, the term “general trade” refers to the import, export, and trade of many commodities and products.It includes trade in most commodities, including furniture, electronics, clothing, children’s toys, and other equipment, and although general trade includes most products, there are some products that are subject to specific restrictions and need specific licenses in order to be able to import and export them, such as cars, alcohol, medical products, or weapons. Our company, Eleven stars, provides commercial services in Turkey, aiming to provide the best and safest experience for customers by providing facilities and commercial services in each of the stages before, during, and after the completion of the import or export of products in Turkey.General trade in Turkey is divided into:

Maritime trade

Sea freight:

Our company, Eleven stars, provides you with sea freight service from Turkey to all parts of the world, as we represent the main organizer and accurate follower of the sea freight process from the beginning of the purchase decision until receipt at the customer’s warehouse or headquarters, at competitive prices, especially when shipping large quantities in size and weight. As well as the possibility of loading from the warehouse of the supplier or the sender and unloading in the warehouse of the recipient in the country of destination.

air trade

Air Freight

Our company, Eleven stars, through the air freight service, quickly responds to the emergency transportation requirements for the benefit of its customers, such as the transportation of perishable goods or medical materials, and others.

Advantages of express air freight

Receipt takes place from door to door and takes time depending on the size of the order.

Through which all types of goods are transported, whatever their size, shape and type.

 It includes dangerous goods, and goods that exceed the permissible weight

Our company has a highly qualified and experienced team to deal with dangerous goods in –

All necessary locations, until the goods are delivered

Carry out all customs clearance transactions related to it

This service is available internationally and everyone can benefit from it.

land trade

Land shipping

Through the road freight service, the mission of our Eleven stars company is to transport goods from point A to point B by road using trucks or via rail using trains.

Most of the products that are transported by land include consumer goods, refrigerated food and mainly perishable products, in addition to pharmaceutical and medical products, solid materials, dangerous and non-hazardous liquids, chemicals, dangerous goods, heavy equipment and machinery, and construction materials such as sand, rock and hard asphalt. .

In short, road freight is one of the safest, cheapest and least complicated methods compared to other shipping methods.

Specialized in Turkish products

  • Facilitate the shipping process
  • Facilitate the customs process